Moonville Tunnel 

Along the Moonville Rail Trail

poison ivy at Moonville

Although the trail is well-maintained and has a level path, when visiting Moonville, bring bug spray! The area sits above Raccoon Creek and some swampy areas prone to mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers. Oh, and here's an old saying heard in this neck of the woods: "Leaves of three, leave them be!" That would include poison ivy that is along the trail. If you don't know what poison ivy looks like, take a look at the picture above and stay on the trail  or you'll end up pretty itchy later if you run into a patch! 

Path near Kings Station

Moonville Rail Trail - Kings Station

Path Near Bear Hollow at Ingham Station

Ingham Station along Moonville Rail Trail

The Rail Trail at Moonville

The Moonville Rail Trail is a work-in-progress 16-mile trail. From the parking lot at Moonville, you can hike a 2.7 (one-way) route from the Moonville Tunnel to King Tunnel on a nice path and turn around to come back again. The old train path will take you through the ghost towns of Moonville, Ingham Station, and Kings Station. 

Moonville Tunnel Southeastern Ohio

Kings Station Tunnel

Kings Station Tunnel Southeastern Ohio Rail Trail

The Trail:


Zaleski State Forest

Moonville Rail Trail

Moonville Tunnel



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