Moonville Tunnel 

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You can visit Moonville-It is along the Vinton County Rail Trail which is tucked into Zaleski State Forest. It is only about a forty-minute drive from Old Man’s Cave. The main road is paved, but the last mile is a raggedy dirt and gravel and, in some places, only wide enough for one car. There are a couple areas that run along a high cliff edge along Raccoon Creek. And during the winter, at times, the icy or snow-covered road can be impassable for vehicles.

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The Town Bully

A local farmer was the town bully, picking on anybody smaller than himself. One night, he got thrown out of a bar in Zaleski and never made it home. They found his dead body several days later. Most believe he was murdered, but his killer was never found. Now his angry ghost tosses pebbles from the top of the tunnel at those walking underneath.

Moonville Ghosts- The Brakeman.

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Moonville Tunnel



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