Moonville Cemetery


Moonville Cemetery The Moonville Cemetery is on a hillside just past the iron bridge. There are at least 13 known graves remaining at the cemetery. Many more have been lost to time - only gentle indentations in the soil remain, if anything. This is an early cemetery. Some of the area residents were located between Hope and Moonville and were buried in the Keeton Cemetery near the town of Hope and the town of Hope Furnace were once located. Others, like many of the Ferguson (also spelled Furgison in census records), were buried in a family plot near Uncle Buck's stables up the road. Those who were Catholic may have been buried in a Catholic cemetery in Zaleski. Keeton Cemetery is near the Lake Hope State Park campground just a few miles away.


Moonville Cemetery, Moonville Ohio


Moonville Cemetery graves: Many of the stones are long gone. Unfortunately, an old custom in some areas was to take old cemetery stones and use them for porch walkways and steps. Many graveyards in southern Ohio have been desecrated by this act. Others were mere wooden or homemade stone markers that rotted away with the harsh Ohio winds, snow and rain.

Coe, Emaline Newcomb (November 4, 1817 - November 5, 1895)

Coe, Samuel b. Jul. 20, 1813 d. Apr. 21, 1883

Coe, Jacob L.   b . 1868 d. Mar. 5, 1869 Son of W.C. and L.J. Coe

Coe, Lovesa  Porter (Also spelled Lovisa Age 42)  Died of Consumption (1843 - 1885)

Coe, Lovisa Porter     b. 1843 d. Feb. 6, 1885

Martha Ellen Coe b. Aug. 20, 1855 d. Sep. 3, 1863

Born in 1855 Died September 3, 1863 Daughter of Samuel and Emaline Coe

Grave stated: I want to be an angel and with the angel stand. A crown upon my forehead and a harp within my hand.


Coe, Preston    b. Mar. 22, 1847 d. Feb. 28, 1865 Son of Samuel and Emaline Coe


Coe, Wellington C.    b. Mar. 10, 1824 d. Feb. 28, 1887


Coe, William Clifford "Cliff"       Died of a heartattack while holding a child in the Moonville Depot. Age 55 - b. Jun. 30, 1844 d. Apr. 28, 1899

Coe, William P b. 1884 d. Oct. 21, 1884

Coe, Worthington  about 85 years old -b. unknown d. 1884 Co. C 30 Ohio Inf  Brother of Preston Coe


Furgeson, Charlie (age 83, brother of Henry Furgeson) - Killed by a train at Moonville b. October 1829 d. 1912

Joiner, Infant Unknown, Joiner infant b. unknown d. 1903  

Jones, Benjamin T.    b. May 22, 1832 d. Feb. 24, 1912

Jones, Rachel Stilwell       b. Jun. 12, 1842 d. Apr. 1, 1914 Wife of Benjamin Jones



Jones, Eber (Also spelled Ebere)  Eugene   b. Dec. 3, 1875 d. Jun. 30, 1876 Grave states: Asleep in Jesus


Jones, Ideliae     b. Jul. 5, 1874 d. Jul. 15, 1874 Grave states: Asleep in Jesus


Jones, Louzanna M.     b. 1862 d. Sep. 14, 1865 Daughter of B.T and R. J Jones


Mace, Grace (Daughter of Hiram Mace) b. 1877 d. Aug. 24, 1877 Mace, James -Grandfather of Frank Mace


Ross, Jerry b. unknown d. unknown died before 1880  Uncle of Billy Rose and Brother of Newton Ross


Stillwell, Rachel Josephine b. Jun. 12, 1842 d. Apr. 1, 1914


Stilwell, Albert Age 4 -Choked to death on a 22 cartridge b. 1896 d. 1900 Son of Dallas Stilweel who lived at the head of Wolf Pen Hollow


Stilwell, Bessie Viola  Age 6  Hot cup of coffee spilled down her back b. Sep. 14, 1905 d. Oct. 2, 1910

Stilwell Moonville Tunnel

Stilwell, Matilda   b. unknown d. Mar. 17, 1870


Stilwell, Sarah Ann Lentner     b. Oct. 24, 1830 d. Aug. 21, 1905


Stilwell, William     b. Apr. 20, 1827 d. May 5, 1876 Wife of Isaiah Stilwell

Grave states: Our mother here lies underground

The dearest friend we ever found

But through the Lord's unbounded love

We'll meet again in realms above.



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Moonville Cemetery

Moonville Cemetery Ohio



Road to Cemetery

The cemetery is located on an unnamed road directly off of Hope-Moonville Road a little over a 1/4 mile from the bridge (Moonville Bridge). It is accessible with a car seasonally, but the road is not maintained and is little more than a dirt path. There is a small dirt parking area/turnaround at the cemetery. You can also walk to it from the parking lot near the Moonville Tunnel Bridge. Simply turn left on to Hope-Moonville Road and watch for the small gravel road on the right. Follow this up the hill to the top.

Cemetery road: 39.305562, -82.324234
Cemetery: 39.305845, -82.324620

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