Moonville Tunnel 

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You can visit Moonville-It is along the Vinton County Rail Trail which is tucked into Zaleski State Forest. It is only about a forty-minute drive from Old Man’s Cave. The main road is paved, but the last mile is a raggedy dirt and gravel and, in some places, only wide enough for one car. There are a couple areas that run along a high cliff edge along Raccoon Creek. And during the winter, at times, the icy or snow-covered road can be impassable for vehicles.

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A Young Brakeman's Ghost Walks near a trestle

Some say a brakeman killed after drinking too much and falling asleep on the tracks walks near a trestle.

Moonville Ghosts- The Brakeman.

Zaleski State Forest

Moonville Rail Trail

Moonville Tunnel



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