Moonville Tunnel 

Directions to Moonville and Moonville Tunnel

Meet at: Moonville Tunnel Parking
Moonville Rail Trail, New Marshfield, OH 45766
39.308336, -82.324526


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I am offering a night hike at Moonville Tunnel, telling local ghost stories along the way on Friday, September 30, 2022, at 7:30 p.m.

The hike and hunt will take about 2 hours. I will be walking an out and back section of the Moonville Rail Trail, and those who are interested can hike along with me from Moonville town proper to Ingham Station/Bear Hollow.

The hike is free. It is a little over a mile one way, a total of 2 miles on an easy, flat gravel railroad bed. It takes about 30 minutes to hike one way at a leisurely pace. However, we move at a steady pace with a few short stops to hear the ghost stories, so it may be too challenging for those who have health issues, are walking issues, or are out of shape. It will be dark on the return. Please, no pets.

After, I’ll bring some basic ghost hunting equipment so you can try a little ghost hunting in the tunnel. And if you wish to download some of the online “ghost hunting” apps like Ghost Tube, we can test to see if they mirror some of the tried-and-true tools used over time.
It may be hot and runs near standing water, so wear insect-protective clothing and/or bug spray and comfortable shoes or boots. I cannot stress enough that the land around Moonville is full of marshy areas with tons of mosquitos! Stay on the trail there are drop-offs. Bring water and a flashlight or cell phone for light. There are no restrooms.
Please check on FB before coming for weather/flooding or other updates.
I will have some of my legends and haunts of Moonville books available for purchase for ten bucks a piece but bring cash. There is no ATM, credit card or cell phone service. Those attending must be 18 years or older or supervised by a parent or guardian who has also signed the waiver.
If you are hungry for a bite to eat before you come, just about five minutes from the tunnel is the Lady Buck Saloon.
Moonville Tunnel Parking Lot: Meeting Area
Moonville Rail Trail, New Marshfield, OH 45766
39.308336, -82.324526
Please contact me at or message me here on FB if coming if you plan on coming. Also, fill out the Hike Waiver form on and bring it with you to the hike. I will also bring a limited number of waivers with me if you have difficulties printing them!
And. . . if you use your cellphone for directions to the hike, once you are at Moonville, you may not be able to get service until you are about 20-30 minutes from the tunnel. That said, you may have trouble setting up your return home from the parking lot after the hike, so make sure you plan your route as a round trip.



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A couple Haunted Hikes: Occasionally the roar of wheels to rail and the mournful cry of a train horn fill the air on the old Baltimore and Ohio tracks between Zaleski and Athens, Ohio. Yet, locomotives have not run the nearby rails in over thirty years. Trainmen dreaded taking the late night runs through this isolated section because the ghost of one of their own, engineer Theodore Lawhead, was killed here when his train collided with another near this tunnel on a cold November night in 1880. After, newspapers reported his ghost was seen floating down the embankment dressed in white with a lantern in hand and eyes glowing red. Perhaps you will see and hear these ghosts too during a special night hike with author Jannette Quackenbush on a night with a full moon. Find out more here-

The Book of Moonville Tunnel and Moonville. Its Past. Its Ghosts.

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Take a walk with Lucy and Jannette and see Moonville through the eyes of the Lucy Cam!

A video I took many years ago that was on "My Ghost Story" when few people ventured because you had to hike through Forestry to get there or cross the risky waters of Raccoon Creek. And no, no other people were around. . .


The Moonville Rail Trail is maintained by Moonville Rail Trail Association, established in April of 2001 in order to build and maintain the muscle-powered Moonville Rail Trail system.

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